Dear Ohio Bride: Plan a Relaxed Wedding Day

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Hey Ohio Bride!! Your wedding day is a huge event that involves lots of planning, multiple vendors and friends and family from all over the place coming to celebrate you. As much fun as it is to see everyone, your wedding day can also cause stress, especially if you’re already prone to anxious feelings.

Fortunately, your special day doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are our top tips for keeping things relaxed on your wedding day!

1. An Ohio Bride should Invest in a professional wedding planner or coordinator

The biggest thing you can do to ease your wedding stress is to hire a professional planner or day-of coordinator. The whole job of a professional planner is to handle all the details, from ensuring your wedding party is lined up and ready to walk down the aisle to making sure your day stays on schedule and goes off without a hitch. A coordinator can even help set up and coordinate your vendors. Basically, they do anything necessary behind the scenes to make sure that your wedding day is as flawless as possible. If you can afford a planner or coordinator in your budget, it’s definitely worth the investment.

The Knot is great source for finding the right wedding planner for you!

2. Definitely choose vendors you love and trust

You have a vision for your wedding day, and to ensure that you make that vision a reality, it’s essential to hire vendors you can trust to meet—and even exceed—your expectations. If you meet a photographer or florist whose personality just meshes with yours and who completely understands what you’re going for, book them ASAP! While you should definitely do plenty of research on all your potential vendors, don’t be afraid to trust your gut as well.

3. Add buffer time into your schedule

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is failing to give themselves enough time to get ready, take group photos and otherwise leave space for events during their wedding day. While everyone will try their hardest to go on schedule, minor issues are bound to crop up and your wedding day likely won’t stick to your carefully detailed timetable. That’s why you should always schedule some extra buffer time to ensure that going a little over your allotted time won’t completely throw off your whole day.

4. Every Ohio Bride should consider doing a first look (hear us out!)

You may be thinking a first look isn’t for you because it’s not “traditional” and we fully respect when couples don’t want one. But hear us out. A first look will give you more freedom with your timeline, which is great, especially if your wedding ceremony is later in the day. A first look will also give you more pictures with greater variety. You’ll essentially be able to get all of your formals done before the ceremony. That can be great for having time for more fun/romanic pictures after the ceremony. The best part of a first look is that you’ll get to spend MORE time together on your big day. We’ve seen firsthand brides who have gotten really anxious before the ceremony who would have benefited greatly if they had been able to see their fiance earlier in the day.

A lot of the nerves couples feel on the wedding day come from not seeing each other. After all, who better to comfort you than your best friend? Don’t be afraid to consider a first look, especially if you know you’ll be feeling nervous. Nerves are absolutely normal, and seeing your partner before your ceremony can do a lot to ease those anxious feelings and get you both smiling and ready to say “I do.”

5. Keep everyone in the know

You definitely don’t want your guests asking you a hundred questions on your wedding day, so be sure to do your best to keep everyone informed. This is where a wedding website comes in super handy! You can provide directions to your venue, information about your reception and anything else your guests need to know. It also doesn’t hurt to have a specific person who people can go to for any additional questions, so they don’t text and call you or your partner when you’re just trying to prepare for your big day.

6. Go with the flow

The best thing you can do to keep your wedding day stress-free? Accept that something will go wrong. Your day likely won’t be completely perfect, but remember that you can’t control every little thing and just take the mistakes in stride. Do your best to enjoy each moment as it comes and remember what your wedding day is truly about: celebrating the love that you and your partner share.

If you’re an Ohio Bride looking for more tips, you can find more here!

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